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Brand history

Shanghai Xierte Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a maternal and infant product import trading company. In 19 years, it obtained the general agent right of the American Healcode brand in China, and was responsible for various businesses of the Healcode Heyico brand in China.

The Healcode brand is based on the purpose of "exploring life technology and unlocking health passwords". It is produced by the American Health Times Biotechnology Group and the American Nutrition and Health Society. Through the scientific research centers of BYU Life Science Research Institute and R&D Laboratory, Do special research on infants and young children's intestinal health, organ development and other aspects, combined with international cutting-edge technology to launch probiotic nutritional drops and other family nutrition products.

Brand Development

Through the investigation of the maternal and infant market, Shanghai Xierte introduced 6 types of probiotic drops and 2 types of compound probiotics with the market advantage of Healcode in the United States (all in line with the "List of strains that can be used in food for infants and young children" issued by the National Health and Health Commission) and 4 calcium iron zinc Vitamin D3 drop series products to escort the intestinal health of Chinese babies.

The advantages of Probiotics:

1. Drop type, easy to use (no need to adjust)

2. Single strain, strong targeting, targeted conditioning, and quick results

3. Oil film coating technology and microcapsule embedding technology to ensure high activity

4. No other additives, no need to worry about side effects

5. 12ML large bottle packaging, 240 billion CFU high content, similar products cost-effective

6. All strains and strains are recommended for use by the National Health and Welfare Commission, consumers choose more rest assured

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